Collage Couture

August 14, 2012

Collage Couture

Collage Couture

A collection of vintage silk slips circa 1920’s – 1950’s.

Each dress is hand dyed and silk screened with delicate yet edgy images, then embellished with antique textiles, vintage laces, and trims which have been gathered from around the world for the past two decades. The style in which these appliqués are hand stitched and embroidered are a signature the designer uses for a couture texture appeal. Carefully placed hand selected Swarovski crystals complete these one of a kind enchanted designs.

Collage Couture is perfect for wedding, parties, special events, or to simply look amazing.

Collage Couture has been consistently sought after by young to mature woman of all ages, and has been a stunning addition to the wardrobe of several high profile celebrities through the years.

Prices range from $185 to $3,000.

Custom orders available by appointment only.


The Vampire’s Band-aid

August 13, 2012

The Vampire's Band-aid

Antique Victorian Cameo Brooch on vintage silk velvet ribbon, hand stitched and embellished with real crystal studs. Soon to be available on

Working on our new wedding collection!

August 9, 2012

Working on our new wedding collection!

Collage Couture wedding collection

The Impetuous Butterfly. 

August 7, 2012

The Impetuous Butterfly.

In the Blank Studio!

August 7, 2012

In the Blank Studio!

Wearing on of my favorite collections, the ‘Surfer’s Rule’ halter T. One of a kind vintage!

The Impetuous Butterfly. 

August 7, 2012

The Impetuous Butterfly. 

Soon to launched on

blaNk has gone blaNk!

May 19, 2012

It’s been awhile, and we are all wondering what happened to blaNk? The truth of it? We just felt like we were jumping over dollars to get to pennies. The dog and pony show was getting boring and we just needed to regroup, so we opened up a 2,000 sqft loft studio in Newbury Park and just went into production full time, developing our collection. blaNk is now ready to launch it’s global showcase at We are almost done with the finishing touches and the final edit is ready to be cut. We are very excited to share this collection with you and I hope you will enjoy the journey!

A little press never hurt…

March 19, 2010

Tracey E. Bregman. Just wait till you see her in some BlaNk treads! Just waiting for the alterations to be finished!!!

The Leather Strap Back Dress

February 20, 2010

Black cotton studded dress with black leather strap $175 @ BlaNk.



My Bleeding Heart Party Pix, Yo!!!!

February 10, 2010

Hold on cuz this is gunna be a fast ride… after all, do we look like rice burners at BlaNk?

Let’s go!

***** Im more of a 65′ Fastback American Classic ride, myself… I mean, I’m just sayin’, yo….

but I’m glad you cruzed by the party with all your peops!


Lonn Friend, a very dear and long time buddy… we worked together on HUSTLER MAGAZINE and RIP where I was the Executive Art Director and he was the Editor.

Now Lonn is a published writer and travels the country signing his book titled, “LIFE ON PLANET ROCK”.


Now THIS is good parenting… if your kids can sleep through the loud rock and roll of LOSE YOUR FEAR and the Karma Dealers, then their are sure to make it in this crazy world!!!!


The Clout Klan


Jimmy is the casting director for the Son’s of Anarchy and Cathy is my roommate. We are planning a SOA party @ BlaNk in April!!! That means the parking lot is going to be VERY loud….

but I like it loud!


George and his gal pal, me, Wendy Maguire (Spiderman’s Mom!!!) and Tony


Getting some mojo from Eddie Coyote who blessed BlaNk with the spirt of the elders.


Gary, say’s he produced Bowie… and that he can…. and then there’s this … ?


Wow, that’s a really big microphone ya got there, Lady Brett- you sure you can fit your mouth around that???


Karma Dealers stole the show! Thanks for good times… I love you guys-

*****Eric Staudenbaur of STOUT LEATHER and I. His work is so stunning- check this out

Tommy Flanagen from the Son’s of Anarchy came into BlaNk yesterday and fell in love with this beast! You will be seeing Stout Leather on the next season of SOA if I have anything to say… and believe me- I’ve got plenty!

This reminds me of my song called FEATHERWOOD;

Untamable Fire had been pinstriped to the hood of a Shelby 65′ by some punk who just got out fo’ doin’ hard time.

The flames had been added later, inspired by the wings of the devil which had been inked on his entire back when he was in the pen”.

That’s a nice cut you got there, darlin’!!!


Lynn, Eric, Me and Deborah Lindquist. Notice that beautiful corset Deborah is wearing, that’s just part of her amazing collection… I love this designer!

I will be putting one my guitarist, Tanya, in this plat corset when LOSE YOUR FEAR plays on stage…

I’ll be gettin’ my leather on, yo!

*****Meet Tanya, the guitarist for LOSE YOUR FEAR sportin’ my turn of the century top hat… bad ass!


Tanya James… she was married to Rick James- BOOYA! We are designing a clothing line together… she is so talented and really knows her her shit- I can’t wait to get started!!!


This is Franklin, his sister was married to one of the Jackson 5 … he has a factory in Columbia that manufactures knit and fine leather and we are developing a line with Tanya James… we make a great team!!!


My friend from the band Deltanault


Thanks for the brownies, Vive!!!


I have no idea who all these people are…. “To all my friends!!!”


There were only two requirements to getting into the BlaNk party…. girls in corsets and boyz bring us your favorite sandwich recipe. There were plenty of girls in corsets, but the ONLY recipe we got was from Dean DeLeo from the Stone Temple Piolets. Thanks Somya-


Thanks for lettin’ yourself go BlaNk.

See you at the next BlaNk Out!

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