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The Blank Studio creates custom designs for John Densmore of The DOORS

November 4, 2012

Through the years John has been a fun cat to work with. He has impeccable taste and knows exactly what he wants so, that being said I am proud to have this rock star wearing my one of a kind designs!


Thumbs up!


Believe me, it’s not easy getting John to pose for the camera….


I started with a vintage tux circa 1960s and embellished with vintage custom buttons and silk screened images created just for him, with custom hand embroidered patches. He wore this jacket to some special event, bragging about sitting next to Johnny Depp. One thing I love about working with John is that he never squabbles about the price tag!

Another favorite for John is the famous “In My Blues” flannel line.


Here he is wearing one of them during his Re-Generation Interview

Re:Generation – Interview with John Densmore from \’The Doors\’

John Densmore talks about his co-operation with Skrillex. The drummer from The Doors started off with skeptic view on the project, but eventually he felt educated and more open minded.

One of my favorite experiences with John was getting him to sign this vintage DOORS tee shirt

He told me that he NEVER signs anything and that I was very lucky to have him sign the vintage Doors concert tee, reminding me that his signature was worth a lot of money!

He was right! I sold this custom vintage tee shirt for $1500. He would kill me if he knew I sold it, but I had to pay my rent! Thanks John!


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